I’ve tried to cover questions new clients usually ask, but if there is anything you would still like to know just give me a ring on 0403 830 867, or email me

Q: Does it matter if I haven’t trained before?
A: Of course not, part of my job as a fitness professional is not only finding the right exercises to help you achieve the results you are after but also being able to determine the right intensity. I don’t believe in the old adage ‘no pain no gain,’ it’s bullshit and has been proven to be incorrect! Training someone to pain every time doesn’t ensure gains, all it does is increase the possibility of illness or injury.

Q: What if I haven’t boxed before?
A: In some ways I see this as a bit of an advantage as I have a blank canvas to work with. Having boxed for 15 years I do take pride in the fact that I teach my clients how to box well. I start off with correct technique, how to throw a punch, then work up to putting punches together in combinations and doubling up combinations, then I move on to how to change the angles, counterpunch and move around… soon they are punching at me like pro’s.

Q: It is non-contact isn’t it?
A: Yes, of course, you’ll only ever be punching a pad.

Q: Do you do anything other than boxing training?
Sure, as well as boxing training I also specialise in weight training, weight training, core conditioning, weight loss and women’s fitness including exercise during pregnancy and post partum training. I am also an accredited children’s trainer.

Q: Do I need any special equipment?
A: No, just something comfortable to workout in and a good pair of cross training shoes. I train clients in my personal home gym which means I have all the appropriate equipment including a range of weights, Swiss balls, bosu, exercise bike, rowing machine, mats… even gloves and skipping ropes etc. So save your money until you’re sure you’re going to keep it up and then you might want to think about buying your own gloves.

Q: Can you help me get motivated to go running in the mornings?
A: Look, I don’t like to just run with my clients, I feel that this is something you can do by yourself. Why pay me to go running with you when you can use my expertise (and my equipment) to help you with something you can’t do by yourself. But as part of developing your customised program I can discuss with you what you should be doing on the days you don’t workout with me and then ask how you went each week to help keep you motivated!

Q: Does it matter if I‘m overweight and unfit?
A: That’s okay, that’s why most people call me. You don’t have to get yourself fit to see a personal trainer it is my job to get you fit.

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