I don’t just train people who want to box, my clients are from all walks of life and vary in age and fitness levels. However, quite a few are personal trainers, which I believe says something. But don’t just take it from me…


David Felice

"Peter has trained me for many years now, I myself am a registered fitness trainer. I wanted to train with him to learn more about boxing and also take my fitness to a new level. It was very obvious from the start that he had so much experience and knowledge about boxing and fitness training. Pete is able to pass on his knowledge in a way I have never seen with any other trainer, it makes you feel like you can achieve anything. In the first three months of Pete’s training program I lost 10 kilograms and was feeling totally different to the way I felt on my first training session, I felt confident and alive.

Pete also has a lot of weight training and nutritional knowledge, which is why I believe I got into and still am in great shape. Weight training in the gym was always boring for me, however with Pete it was exciting. We were always doing something new and he knew exactly what I needed more of and what would be the best exercises and circuits to prescribe to me.

When training with Pete you can always see the professionalism shining through. He’s also a very energetic person and even on days when I don't feel like training just being around him gives me encouragement. He has always supported my goals and been there for me as a trainer and as a friend, he is truly a loyal person.”

David Felice, registered fitness professional


Sonja Walker

“As a personal trainer and aerobics instructor I needed to be able to provide my clients and participants with a safe, authentic, productive boxing workout. Peter Petrou was the only trainer in the industry that had such an impressive boxing history and the ability to educate me properly to understand the fundamentals of boxing, as well as giving me an excellent workout. Peter is genuine, professional, outgoing and extremely knowledgeable in all areas of fitness. – He was first recommended by my husband, who Peter has now been training for over ten years. This loyalty alone is a testament to Peter’s ability. I would recommend Peter to anyone who is interested in learning about fitness and boxing training.”

Sonja Walker, registered fitness professional


Mel Hawyes

“Peter has been my personal trainer for almost five years. Previously I had always been lazy in the gym, so he took me from basically no fitness to running the City to Surf and being my most fit ever! I even trained with him during most of my first pregnancy. Peter adapted my training to suit the stages of my pregnancy, including developing a specialised program that meant I could continue exercising without risk to me or my baby, and feel at my physical best for the whole pregnancy. I really believe being physically fit through training with Peter helped my body be ready for a really fast labour and quick delivery of my baby.”

Mel Hawyes


Paul Alchin

“Peter has been my trainer for nearly 5 years and in that time I have become fitter and stronger than I have ever been. Having never done any serious training before and on telling Peter I was interested in becoming a personal trainer to help expand my massage business, Peter took me under his wing in order to give me as much training experience as possible. He made it easy, fun and rewarding to do the work needed to achieve my goals. His down to earth/no nonsense attitude motivates and makes all the hard work easy. And as a personal trainer and massage therapist there have been numerous times when I refer people to Peter and the results have always been positive.

Peter’s knowledge of all things fitness is second to none.

Paul Alchin, registered fitness professional


Lisa Doust

"I've trained with Peter Petrou for 10 years now, since I was 27. I recently spent 6 months in Melbourne for work and tried to get back to Sydney as often as I could, each time making sure I got in one or two workouts with Pete. I've done plenty of different classes over the years and I've trained with other trainers but they have nothing on Pete. Pete's boxing training is great fun, and the genuine boxing technique training improved my fitness and increased my confidence. As I get older, Pete gives me new and challenging routines to build lean muscle and retain my agility and strength. In recent years our training has moved to incorporate core abdominal workouts and weight training. Pete's knowledge of fitness and what works with the human body is a step ahead of the other personal fitness trainers."

Lisa Doust

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